How to care for your denim

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7 secrets on How to care for your Denim

A Good pair of jeans is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. From skinny to flare, dark to light, long to cropped the main thing about denim is you want it to last!

Nothing compares to when you put on a great pair of perfectly fitting jeans for the very first time. The colour is sharp, they have just the right amount of firmness. They lift and hold you in all the right places. You look great and most of all you feel confident!

You want that feeling to last forever!


Caring for your denim properly can keep it in its best shape. Remember these 7 denim secrets to help you take better care for your denim and favourite pair of jeans.

To make them last longer, hold their shape and keep them looking as good as they did the first time you put them on.


  1. Washing too often will make the colour fade sooner.

Jeans should not be washed often, this is the most important secret! If you can, try not to wash as often as your regular clothing. This will help with preserving the indigo dyes that are released both in washing and when wearing.


  1. Turn your denim inside out.

When it is time to wash your jeans be sure to turn them inside out and wash separately. By turning them inside out you reduce the friction and lower the stress on the dyed side of the fabric.


  1. Always wash in Cold Water.

Wash your denim in Cold water and use a small amount mild detergent.

The Cold water helps them from fading and also protects the elastane fibres used in Stretch Denim that hot water would otherwise weaken and possibly damage.

In the first wash it’s also recommended to add two spoonfuls of salt to help set the indigo dyes.

Of course if you have the time hand washing is best. No harsh scrubbing needed add a small amount of mild detergent soak for an hour come back, rinse and dry.


  1. Always Air Dry, never tumble.

Never Tumble dry your jeans, Hang them out to dry in the shade to preserve the fit and avoid possible shrinkage and fabric damage from the heat of the tumble dryer.


  1. Do not dry clean your denim.

The chemicals used in dry cleaning will slowly weaken the fabric and sometimes alter the surface finish to your jeans. Save your pennies.


  1. Avoid light coloured surface rubbing.

Dyes used to create a rich dark denim are natural indigo dyes. There may well be excess colour dye on the surface of the fabric which can rub off onto light coloured furniture, leather and upholstery so its best to avoid prolonged contact with these surfaces. Especially if you have a white leather couch!


  1. Size down for Stretch Denim.

After wearing your Stretch Jeans they will grow and mould to your body shape, that’s why its recommend to go down a size in stretch denim jeans, they will tend to grow after a few wears which is why you want them a little bit tight when buying. Once you wash them they will return back to their original shape.


If you love your denim you will want to prolong the life of your favourite jeans so do follow these simple tips. And just because I love denim you can enjoy 10% off our new Jean arrivals the Ana and Elle Jean by using code DENIM10 shop here 


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